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Beautiful Wedding Florals.... in any Budget

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

In all the years that we have been in the wedding business, our #1 recommendation to ANY newly engaged couple is... DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET. Most couples that we meet with have no clue where or how to start with this VERY important decision. But hands down, its the #1 decision that you must make. Starry-eyed most brides (and their moms) still have no clue where to start... for the dads sometimes its easier (and less emotional).

A wedding day, just like anything else in life is all about priorities. Don't get me wrong, we too want the best of everything... but on a wedding day you MUST (yes MUST) make a list of your vendors and the expenses that are most important to you. Let's explore some examples: some brides biggest priority is their dress. So these ladies may fly somewhere to have a very unique, custom dress while others may have a different priority and will still find something amazing within driving distance. Maybe another couple's biggest priority is the music and will bring in the coolest of live bands.... while others are perfectly satisfied with some of our amazing local DJ's. Food. Cocktail Hour. Photogs. Having a Wedding Coordinator. Florals. Venue. Rings. Save-The-Dates and Invitations. Videographers. "The" Wedding Cake. The Dessert Bar. Late Night Snacks. Programs. Signage. Transportation. Bridal Party Gifts. Hotel Welcome Gifts. Favors! Honeymoon...… and the list continues. This is the reason that you MUST put this list in the order of importance to you as a couple.

Although we would LOVE (and we mean LOVE) if every couple's priority was wedding florals... but over the years we have learned that this isn't the case. And best of all... we are ok with that! Some of the couples that we have fallen in love the hardest over the years have not been fellow flower-lovers! Ha!

So what do we need from you? To be realistic and upfront. If your budget is $500, If your budget is $1,500 or if your budget is $5,000 we will love you the same.... but we really can't get to work and do our best for you unless we know this. It's like shooting an arrow in the dark. If you are open, honest and upfront with us from the get-go you will 110% get it back in return ten-fold. We are not new to this wedding business, we are very comfortable with what we can do in any budget. TAKE-AWAY: DISCUSS YOUR BUDGET RANGE BEFORE YOU MEET WITH US and don't be scared we will try to take advantage of you. Each wedding we do is a reflection of us. We want it to blow your mind. Referrals are our best marketing and the only way we continue to grow this portion of our business. We love happy brides. We love happy parents! We LOVE when guests ask "Wow, who did your flowers?"

So where am I going with this? I would LOVE to introduce our Simple & Sweet Package. Over the years we have learned that in order to create a custom day for a couple it takes a certain amount of behind-the-scenes planning and labor that we established a "minimum" for your wedding day. This is a threshold that has a science to it (if you want to know why, just ask me) and has become a REASON that scares people from even pursing our services. But it shouldn't. If you are a flower lover that has to have the biggest best peonies and ranunculus, I would suggest that you move your WEDDING FLORALS to the top portion of your priority list. If you want our "LeFleur look" but really aren't flower specific and truly just care about style and color schemes, our Simple & Sweet package just might be for you.

Garden Style Sample:

A touch more Traditional:

What is our Simple & Sweet package? It is a package that has pre-determined formulas with the highest quality of flowers designed in a few different styles of bouquets that you can choose from. The best part, once you choose your style, you just need to show us your color scheme. Within the package we then build in an average number of bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. If we need extra in any of these, it's an easy fix. This way, walking out of your initial consultation with Lisa and I, you are confident that we have maintained your budget moving forward. Now as you keep on, keeping on with your wedding planning and you might need more help with ceremony and reception décor, we will be right here waiting if you need us!

Why is this good for you? You get our styles, looks and customer service to make your day amazing beautiful....at prices that may be more appealing if you have a tighter budget. The downside: (only one): the minute we stray from these formulas and start to customize, we can't maintain the prices in our packages because we will have new design fees and additional labor.

Why is this good for us? With these packages, we can still serve all budgets and all clients. The more, the merrier when it comes to joining our LeFleur Family! For us its not about just planning for this one day in your life..... its about being by your side for all the good and happy occasions (and unfortunately sometimes sad ones too) in your life.

We are BEYOND excited for the 2019 wedding season.... and actually the 2020 wedding season too! With Brooke's wedding coming this weekend, we are itching to get back into our weekly routines and create some amazing, unique, crazy ideas!

For more info on our Wedding Florals and Coordination Services.... including but not limited to our Simple & Sweet Packages e-mail Lisa at lisa@lefleurfloraldesign.com or fill out our initial questionnaire under the "Schedule a Consultation" portion on our website. We are excited to meet you!


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