• A.E.Morgan

Meet The 905 Room at LeFleur

Two months..... almost two months to the exact day is how long it took us to rip it up and put it back! If you ask most, that’s pretty darn fast. If you ask my dad he’ll tell you it was an eternity! Either way, it’s done (well almost) and we are literally partying away as the fifth party is just concluding as I’m typing!

As we entertained on our own on Thursday at our Grand Opening Celebration there were so many things that I was blown away by. The first, how many people showed up to support us. Deep down.... like crazy deep down it warms me up and made me smile from the inside-out. I know I just keep saying “I’m just glad it’s over....” but that’s really all I can put into words. The amount of satisfaction to have the construction over, the room cleaned up and to be able to enjoy it with YOU now truly feels amazing. WE DID THIS! From the very beginning to this moment now, I just wanted to continue to create a “LeFleur” that feels like you’re at home when you are with us.... just in a different capacity.

Next, I was shocked with how many of you followed along in our journey. Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time on social media and I’m not sure if anyone is paying attention... But in particular with this project it seems you have, and for that I am grateful! I am pleasantly surprised with some of your questions - it feels good to answer them. About the wallpaper we couldn’t get.... about how long it had to paint.... about why the stone wasn’t part of the plan all along.... how we did the floor.... about what the hardest thing of the whole project. All great questions that I am honored (and very proud of actually) to answer!

Many have asked... “Are you starting to get parties?” It’s actually crazy, the day we announced we were doing the project we had inquiries. Yes, for a hot second I panicked because I wasn’t ready to answer all of the questions.... most importantly when we would be opening? I had said April 1st.... but then the 24th and the 30th booked and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Because, what really is ONE WEEK? Deadlines are deadlines! Right, Dad? Brent? By the time we officially opened we had approximately 20 parties book and I will forever be grateful for all of you who trusted me.... even when I had nothing to show you beyond a very empty warehouse and some inspiration pictures!

So what are the details of the room?

I’m describing it as a cozy, casual environment that has endless possibilities. My original plan was Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, 50th birthday parties, maybe a funeral dinner here or there.... but everyone keeps coming up with their own reasons to use it and for that I LOVE!!!!!! We can host approximately 50 people or less comfortably. The seating is unique with some booth seating, a large pub table, some “conversation seating” with barrel chairs and round cork coffee tables and even a big leather mid-century modern couch. Beyond the actual benches for the booths, the furniture can be moved to fit your party size and “vibe.”

Yep, it’s kinda decorated. Why? Because it’s what we do! To us the feeing when you walk in the door is most important and we want you to feel right at home. Don’t want the decor? No worries, we’ll tuck them away. But the good news is, you don’t HAVE to spend much money on decorating if you don’t want to!

We do have a small kitchette so you can bring in your own food or have it catered by any of your favorite choices! We unfortunately didn’t have room for a large fridge, oven or sink.... so some prep is necessary!

Do we have audiovisual equipment and capabilities for meetings and presentations? No, not yet.... but Brent says very soon we will!

Eventually we will have an outdoor area on the East side of the building that will be included in our room rental fee to help create more space to move around AND give you additional space to entertain!

Parking..... oh parking! You can never have enough! We are working on that! And for the time being we have parking lot and street parking to accommodate your guests! If during business hours, our staff will gladly park away so your guests can have easy access!

Whats the price? Well that depends on when you want it! We want it to be used, so during business hours it’s obviously a bit cheaper but the standard weekend two-hour rental is $150 and includes 1/2 hour before and a 1/2 hour after to help you feel comfortable setting up and cleaning up your goodies!

Lastly, we’d love to help! Flowers and decor? Planning? Whatever you want.... just ask!

This space has been a vision in my crazy mind since we moved into this building... and more recently since October when it all started to come together and I knew it could really happen. As always it took an army- and the leader of the pack again was my dad who spent countless hours building this room from the ground up with each little detail. He tells me all the time that he doesn’t always “see it” in the beginning, but I think you’ll agree he does a great job of making it happen. Another big thanks to Brent for allowing me to dream and supporting these crazy ideas for the last five years. He’s had to step in and play double duty of maintenance man extraordinaire and super dad as this project unfolded with patience and grace. Mama Deb and the LeFleur girls might be scared of the next “hey, I have an idea....” but I’m so grateful they stick by my side through all of them- some good, some bad, some really bad... and some that work out better than others. Each of them had their thoughts, opinions, suggestions and hard physical work in this space - all the more reason that I LOVE it. When amazing people all work together, remarkable things happen! A few other people that played a big part in The 905: Gary and Lesa Hohulin! Again, I’m pretty sure they think my ideas are crazy.... but my goodness their support has been nothing short of incredible! Mike Mahnesmith pulled through again (yes, he’s the one that painted the building black) with finding the perfect copper for the ceiling and knocking the paint out of the park! Dan Schrock & Sons team was so, so patient and easy to work with when it came to both our floor and our countertop. Tim went above and beyond to find the info that we needed for both projects as well as the “extras” like finding the barnwood or helping with tools that we needed and didn’t have. It sure didn’t go unnoticed and we appreciate it so much! Heinhold Heating and Air Conditioning listened to my concerns and knocked our new units out in such a short timeframe. It was crunch time and they nailed it! Chris Delicath was the brains behind the infamous “stencil” and I will be the first to say that The 905 wouldn’t be the same without that wall!!! And lastly, Jon and the City of Washington for all of their resources, assistance and support as we brought this idea to life!

Please let us know if you need any more information about The 905 Room by e-mailing us at info@lefleurfloraldesign.com or calling us at 309.444.1555! We hope you can stop by and see us soon!