• A.E.Morgan

The Art of the “Flip”

Happy 2019! Last year during this week I was laying on the beach and soaking up the Mexican sun and the rest of my team was recovering, resting and spending time with their family. Well not this year! Not only have the flood gates opened with newly engaged couples.... it ended up being “flip“ week! With the way the holidays fell this year there has been plenty of shopping days that many of you had taken advantage of our post-holiday sales to the extent that there just wasn’t much left! PS: Thank You!

So as we opened on Wednesday and knocked out the boring ‘ol yearly inventory of the showroom floor.... I looked at the bare showroom and decided it was time.... why wait? I’m ready for Spring, aren’t you too?!?!?


When do we flip our showroom floor? When I first bought the business some of my favorite retail mentors and many of the retail blogs and articles I read gave the dates/times of the year that they felt was best.... but in reality is has turned into "whenever the heck we want!" Back in the beginning I would say 1) the second week of January, 1.5) a mini-flip on April 1st, 3) when the kids got out of school, 4) when the kids went back to school for Fall and 5) Halloween weekend for Christmas. In the last few years as the weather has been so strange and our wedding business has exploded.... I have broken those rules and simply used this timeframes as loose guidelines!


Why do we go to the extent that we do to freshen the look? Frankly, we get bored looking at the same thing day after day! But secondly... we sell pieces here and there and it’s gets to the point that we are just ”filling holes” and the original vision and looks transform to the point it’s just time to re-do and re-arrange! Thirdly, it’s amazing how just moving merchandise and displaying things in a different way will make them more appealing to you. Let’s be honest... we have a lot of stuff from the floor to the ceiling, how can you see it all???

***Following Photos are all showrooms from the last FIVE Years in Both 100 Washington Square and 905 Peoria Street locations!!!***


How do we pick the look and the layout? We look for inspiration all over the place.... magazines, Pinterest, other businesses, restaurants and hotel lobbies.... you name it, we are absorbing it! If you could look at the photos in my phone you’d be scared.... too many ideas for this lifetime! But I'm doing my best to work through some of my favorites and you'll hopefully notice that we rarely do anything twice.

Many times the “look” starts with ONE special piece... For instance- that buffalo check couch! One piece leads to looking for other complimentary products which leads to how the display will look.... which then in turn helps us decide if we need to paint- which then leads to the layout of the furniture and “flow” of the room for your shopping experience!

From there we add the flowers... above you, by your toes and everywhere we can put them. Why? It’s kinda our thing... and secondly it gives us a way to “play” with new ideas and techniques before we get onsite at a wedding!


The “new” post holiday showroom is a clean, simple “LOVE WINS” showroom that has the warmth needed to fill your home in these cold months with a touch of Valentines Day Decor/apparel with new plants, succulents and greens that will help us prepare for Spring!

Brent and I are headed to "market" in Dallas on the 19th... so stay tuned with what we find! What are we looking for? Who knows! But just as you enjoying “shopping local” where you can SEE, TOUCH and FEEL.... so do we! It’s been four years since we’ve gone (I was prego with Kaden)... so it’s time to hop on a plane, throw on our tennis shoes and shop 'til we drop!

We are so excited for 2019 and all things that the LeFleur Boutique will bring! Thanks for your continued support to shop and stay local.... YOU make a difference each time you walk through the door!

Stay tuned next Sunday for our next BLOG post....what will the week bring? But in the meantime.... GO BEARS!