• A.E.Morgan

Walk Before You Run

“Walk before you run...” that is what Gary, my landlord and the owner of Weilands Lawn Mower Hospital keeps telling me. Anyone that knows me knows that this is hard for me. I am a girl full of a million (maybe trillion) ideas, dreams and goals. When I do things, I want them to be perfect..... from the get-go.... exactly what it looks like when I close my eyes. Now. Not later. So walking and not running is crazy hard for me!

The idea of the 905 Room, a 50-person Private Party space, came up soon after we moved to 905 Peoria Street two years ago. We were incredibly fortunate to have Brittney from a Spruce Rentals in this space for the last few years because frankly we weren’t in a position to have that much overhead in rent and she has been the perfect partner in crime in the wedding industry and our businesses compliment each other remarkably well (and we really like her too!).

So fast forward to just a few months ago when Britt shares the news that she has outgrown her space and would be looking and moving to a bigger space to have all of her inventory in one location. With a quick text to Gary it was a no-brainer we NEEDED this space!

What will the 905 Room be? A fifty person (or less) Party Room that has an industrial-chic, neutral feel. We want you to feel comfortable having any type of small event here.... a bridal shower, a baby shower, a 40th birthday party, a super bowl party... a funeral dinner and literally everything else in between!

First of all let’s remember that we were once a gas station, a NAPA Auto Parts and a lawn mower hospital! So first a level, new floor! It went in today.... and we hope to have it “stained” with a warm, marble color next week!

Next is the front garage door.... we hope to replace it with an actual front door so that we will have a separate entrance from LeFleur! Here is the vision and inspiration for an all-glass front....

We want it to have a causal, restaurant-like feel so we will have a combo of booth seating with fluffy pillows, pub table high-top seating, low tops and casual coffee-table conversation seating.

We are hoping for a super cool funky painted copper ceiling with exposed ductwork and cool industrial lighting. Think warm, cozy colors all around!

We will have a serving bar/kitchette space for you to serve your guests from. We will have our list of preferred vendors that we can help you seamlessly just “make it happen” but you will be able to bring in your own food and drink as you wish without any penalty!

Hopefully soon after the weather breaks this spring we will also have an outdoor patio and space to enjoy on the side of our building!

We will also have a “focal wall” hopefully with the coolest wallpaper we have picked out (thanks Lisa) that will have a mid-century leather couch for the bride-to-be or mom-to-be to sit at as they open gifts and enjoy their party!

We hope to have audio-visual equipment sometime soon for your use... especially for small intimate meetings!

The room will be rented im two hour time blocks with extentions available! The contract is in its final draft and available soon! We are getting calls daily and can’t wait for this to come to life!

So yes, I’m trying to walk before I run but it’s so hard when you have beautiful inspiration pictures like this! Lets make them come to life.... and today was a great start!


Amy and the Girls