• A.E.Morgan

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM A LOCAL FLORIST versus online and wire services...

Recently I had a great conversation with one of the ladies that joined us for Ladies Night Out that needed to send flowers to Florida. My advice, google and call a local florist directly... Why???

1. Customer service. We are in this business to please both you and who you are sending the flowers to. We want to create a trusting relationship with you to ensure that we become your preferred florist for the years to come. By speaking on the phone we get to discuss the individual's style, favorite colors, etc. and are able to personalize you design! We also get to know what time they'll be home, work schedules or learn any special requests to ensure a successful delivery!

By speaking to you directly we get to discuss what flowers we have in the cooler- including which ones are the prettiest and we would recommend using. If you request a specific type of flower and we don't have it in- we will let you know so there isn't a surprise. Typically with wiring services the delivery date is the day we receive the order and sometimes we must "substitute" flowers if we don't have them in and therefore creates your disappointment that "it doesn't look like the picture." Typically if you give us at least one days notice prior to the delivery we can get most flowers requested in if they are in season!

2. If you want a full valued design... The only way is to go direct to your local florist. Even though you are using wiring services- it is still a local florist that is fulfilling and delivering your order. Your local florist and small business is most likely fighting to survive in today's world and therefore is not in the business to loose money. Here us an example of how using wiring services directly impacts your design value: to "accept" an online order we (the local florist) must pay $2-5. Most of these orders do not include a delivery fee (locally for us $5) and lastly it is a 30/70 split for the florist sending the order and accepting the order. Here is a true life example:

$50 online/wire service order:

-$3 to "accept"= $47 value

-$5 delivery fee = $42 value

-30% ($15 in this example) for the sending florist = $27 value. Yes... That's right, you paid $50 but you are getting a $27 bouquet. When you go direct to a local florist- you truly get a $50 or full value design as well as supporting SHOP LOCAL, feeding your local economy and supporting your local business owners, employees and families.

Please think of us next time you send or buy fresh flowers. At LeFleur we truly want to take floral design beyond your expectations!