This design includes a half dozen PINK ROSES with a half dozen Sucre' Raspberry Truffles and Sucre' edible Sucre' Sugared Gummies!  


NOTE:  These roses and greens will be built in a tin heart tray in floral foam and it is VERY important that the floral foam remains damp in order to hydrate the flowers.  


We do have LIMITED QUANTITIES of this particualr design.  If wel out of this particular design, a LeFleur representatitve will be in contact for a substitution that meets your expectations.   


THE RECIPIENTS RESPONSIBILITY:   It is the recipients responsibility of all LeFleur Floral Design & Events, Inc.'s designs that fresh water is given once delivery has taken place as transporation can spill water beyond the level that the stems are in the vases no matter how careful our delivery drivers are.   Additional fresh water should be "flushed" into and out of the vase in order to "top off" the water level each day to ensure that the flowers are able to live longer in your possession.  Once a flower is out of water for a timeframe they may have a hard time recovering without being given a "fresh cut."  It is VERY IMPORTANT that flowers are given fresh water each day. 


SATISFACTION GUARENTEE:  If there are problems with the design or product that you receive for your order, the purchaser must call LeFleur Floral Design & Events, Inc. within 72 hours of delivery.   Certain questions shall be asked and if it is deemed that LeFleur Floral Design & Events, Inc. is responsible for the issue, a refund will not be given but a replacement design of equal or greater value will be given.   You will be required to return the original design.  

Half Dozen Roses + Sucre Sugared Gummies and Sucre Raspberry Truffles